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European Expertise & Expert Institute
July 2015
Letter • n°21
Dear member,

We spend part of this newsletter to give you the latest news from EEEI since the 05/29/2015 conference held at the Italian Court of Cassation in the project EGLE (JUST / 2013 / JCIV / AG / 4664). To the delight of all, we have selected some thanks messages received after the conference (in their original language). Thank you to all participants for the success of this major event.

Jean-Raymond LEMAIRE - President
  • "Congratulation on a very interesting and brilliant conference"
  • "fantastic organization"
  • "absolutely perfect"
  • "Anche la conferenza di Roma è risultata di grande interesse"
  • "un convegno così interessante e denso di contenuti"
  • "un grand succès"
  • "well organised"
  • "travaux approfondis et intéressants"
  • "de haut niveau"
  • "étape importante"



New Memberships

Find the details of these new members on the website of the EEEI.




1.Court of Appeal of Metz represented cout's leaders
2.University of Coimbra (Portugal) represented by its President.

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the EEEI participated in a meeting organized by the European Parliament June 17, 2015: Workshop on Civil Judicial Experts in the EU, you will find more information on the website of the EEEI.

the program and the video of the meeting are available on the following link:

Read more here


On the side of the organization we are excited because the consensus conference is a success, we thank all the participants for their support through the messages of congratulations received.

Find on the website documents, videos and photos, as well as conference talks

You will also find the text from Mr. Allen Hirson (EWI member) in which he shares his views on the conference point at which he participated as a member of the EEEI. He also participated in the project EGLE.

Text of M. Allen Hirson


What fantastic work .... For over1 year, the working groups have met all accross Europe to discuss, and think about the four themes:

  1. Appointing an expert and defining its mission
  2. Expert proceedings and expert's report,
  3. Qualification, skills and assessment of experts,
  4. Status and ethics experts / free exercise and liability

The aim of this work was the drafting of four reports, these reports have been presented on the day of the conference to the members of the jury and all the participants.

The relay was taken by members of the Jury who met in camera the day after the conference beginning the process by responding to questions in order to draft a text that will form the recommendations.

The good practices of civil judicial expertise in Europe Guide will be available from October 15, 2015.

This project is co-funded by the Civil Justice Programme of the European Union

Cette publication est produite avec le soutien financier du Programme de Justice Civile de l’Union Européenne. Le contenu de cette publication est à la seule responsabilité de l’EEEI et ne peut en aucune façon être pris pour refléter les positions de la Commission 

Contacts, meetings and conference calls continue, in June Mr. Lemaire met:

  • Isabelle Perignon, Cabinet member věra jourová, Commissioner for Justice, consumers and gender equality at the European Commission
  • Mr. Emmanuel Crabit, Directorate-General Justice General Justice policies and judicial systems - European Commission
  • Mrs. KOLEVA Atanaska, Directorate General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs - European Commission

In August, the European EEEI participate in special issue of Expert Review ..

The September 24, 2015 EWI organizing its annual conference, here EWI link will allow you to more information on the speakers and registration details


Organized in a room of the hotel Cicerone in Rome on May 30, the General Assembly is an important appointment for annual membership.

It provides information on the life of the EEEI. Jennifer Boirot was present, as you know, EEEI involved for 5 years to finance his thesis on the criminal psychiatric expertise in sex crimes cases in Europe. The thesis will be filed at the end of the summer for a defense in autumn 2015 (end of October). 46 people attended the meeting any individual members, institutional as well as participants in the consensus conference who wanted to discover EEEI.

Find the minutes as well as photographs taken by Jacques Couacault.
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Moreover, the Executive Committee has received the nomination of new members.
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