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By Robert Paillot, former Vice President EEEI, in charge of communication

Almost two months have elapsed since our General Assembly in London on May 18th. Jennifer Boirot, a new member of Comex, reports on it below (Read).

Our president, Jean-Raymond Lemaire, founder and tireless worker of our Institute, decided to abandon his mandate. Given that he would not abandon the EEEI, the members of the Assembly accepted his decision. This choice was easier because Béatrice Deshayes and Etienne Claes agreed to jointly take over the presidency, thus providing real relief to all the participants!

In this letter you will first read the letter of Jean-Raymond Lemaire, giving an update on the twelve years of work carried out by the EEEI. This assessment is incomplete because he did not quote all that has been done during these twelve years, especially as regards the notoriety acquired by our Institute today, a notoriety of which Jean-Raymond Lemaire is the modest and main craftsman (Read).

You will then read the article by our co-chairs. Béatrice Deshayes, a lawyer with the Cologne and Paris Bars, and Etienne Claes, an accountant and tax consultant near Brussels. In it they describe the EEEI as it is today, and communicate their projects to us for months and years to come. Knowing them, we do not doubt that they will do them well. For that they will be able to count on all members of the Comex and even, to a lesser extent, on the old members who, like us, have chosen to become less involved in the work of the Institute (Read).

The EEEI was invited to speak at a conference organized on May 12 in Budapest by the Hungarian Ministry of Justice. The conference, held at the Catholic University of Pázmány Péter, was entitled "Citizens' confidence in justice through the intervention of judicial officers and judicial experts". Robert Ranquet, adviser to the president and now EEEI’s Comex Member, represented us. You will be able to read below a report of this conference (Read).

We will finish this editorial with good news. Our funding request for the project FIND AN EXPERT has been accepted by the European Commission. Until next September, Béatrice Deshayes and Dr Thomas Walford, the two co-pilots of this project, will set up the working groups. We will keep you informed of the progress of the project on the EEEI website as well as in our newsletters.

Good reading.

Robert Paillot







Jean-Raymond Lemaire leaves the presidency

Dear friends,

As planned I left EEEI Presidency  at the end of the General Assembly held on May 18, 2017 in LONDON. The idea of ​​creating a body bringing together legal professionals in Europe around judicial expertise and experts was 12 years old. EEEI was created a year later in October 2006.

What is the outcome of EEEI after these 12 years?

- Judicial experts and judicial expertise now are taken into consideration by the various European institutions: European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the European Union. The CCBE, the European representatives of bailiffs...

- EEEI is  an observer member of the CEPEJ (Council of Europe).

- 55 European institutions are members (Courts of Appeals, Bars, expert associations, universities) and represent 15 European countries.

- A guide to good practice in civilian expertise was published in 2015 (EUREXPERTISE and EGLE projects co-financed by the European Commission), distributed in more than 15 000 copies and translated into 8 languages.

- A directory of European experts to be published on the e-Justice website of the Council of the European Union in spring 2019. Project Find an Expert co-funded by the European Commission.

- EEEI has allowed to initiate and to continue a dialogue between European professionals on judicial expertise and judicial experts.

All this has been made possible because EEEI is a welded, dynamic, efficient team.

The transition with my successors, Beatrice Deshayes, lawyer, and Etienne Claes, expert, is done in a harmonious and efficient way. Our two co-chairs have been working at EEEI for many years.

In short, EEEI is a perennial association and I have no fear for its future.

Of course I will continue to carry out the tasks entrusted to me.

I thank you all.

Jean-Raymond Lemaire.

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Jean-Raymond Lemaire







The EEEI co-chairs present their projects

Par Béatrice Deshayes et Etienne Claes, co-chairs of EEEI

In the space of 10 years, the EEEI has become a ‘think-tank’ on issues relating to legal forensic expertise in Europe.

This development is due to the active and voluntary participation of our members, judges, academics, lawyers and experts. Our members, as diverse as they are, share the conviction that it is necessary to exchange views and build bridges between the various actors of the judicial world in order to identify good practices in judicial expertise in Europe.

The institute has active members in 11 countries of the European Union, and receives the endorsement of judicial personnel from friendly non-EU countries, such as Canada and Morocco.

The EEEI has demonstrated its ability to win and carry out European projects, publish quality academic papers and organize conferences on forensic expertise across Europe in order to contribute to disseminating existing knowledge on the subject, Judicial expertise and improve quality. These means serve a wider purpose: improving the quality of justice and mutual trust between the Member States of the European Union.

The Institute has experienced this growth, and it is mainly thanks to the enthusiasm of Jean-Raymond Lemaire, who has held the presidency of the Institute since its inception.

In addition to the involvement it has demonstrated over the years and the high quality of the work it has done to create and develop the IEE, the strong personal ties that have developed are now seen as friendship, which we are particularly happy with. It is also the quality of these links and the assurance that Jean-Raymond Lemaire will continue to be affiliated with us, which allows us today to join the foundation with confidence.

The co-presidency of the Institute is today moving forward with diversity: a woman, a man, a lawyer and an expert with field experience in Germany, Belgium and France, but also under the sign of values ​​shared for many years in the service of the Institute and its projects and its values.

We accept the constraints of this co-presidency because we appreciate the high level of commitment of all those who, volunteer; the volunteers themselves, lawyers, judges, experts and personalities from the academic world who have improved expertise and experts.

According to our vision, the work of the IEE, in the months and years to come, will have to focus on:

  • Continuing to improve the quality of expertise in Europe (including projects and training)
  • The contribution to the popularisation of knowledge on judicial expertise (EEEI academy)
  • Access to information on judicial expertise (Find an expert, e-justice etc)
  • The extension of our work to other countries which can be inspired by it (CEPEJ, Morocco, Canada and others)

In addition, the financing of activities and projects is a real challenge, and the search for stable sources of funding will be one of our priorities, in order to sustain the Institute while preserving its independence.

To complete these projects, we need you, your energy, your ideas, your contributions and in advance, we look forward to working with you and to serve and forge the values ​​conveyed by the EEEI.

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Béatrice Deshayes

Etienne Claes





EEEI in Budapest

By Robert Ranquet, EEEI’s Comex Member

The EEEI was invited on May 12th to a conference in Budapest by the Hungarian ministry of Justice. The main theme of this conference, which was held at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, was “Citizens confidence in Justice through the action of bailiffs and judicial experts”.

It was organized at the initiative of the Hungarian minister of justice Láslzó Trócsanyi himself, who participated in person to all the debates, with the help of the European Public law association, an international organization based in Athens and headed by Spyridos Flogaïtis. France was highly visible in this conference, with the presence, besides the EEEI, of MMr. Patrick Sannino, president of both the French and the European Chambers of Bailliffs, Robert Giraud and Marc Taccoen, president and vice-president of the French National Council of Companies of Judicial Experts. The most notable person on the French side was Mr. Henri Nallet, former minister of Justice, and a key actor of the last “Macron” reform of regulated professions in France in 2015. We should also mention, on the British side, of the Rt Hon. Sir John Grant McKenzie Laws, former Lord Justice of Appeal, now professor in Cambridge.

Judicial experts were, so to speak, new comers in this arena, as the conference organizers acknowledged that, due to their specificities, they enjoyed less public recognition than notaries or bailiffs. The Hungarian experts were represented by the only experts association in Hungary, the “National Centre for Judicial Expertise and Scientific Police”, and its deputy-director, Dr Judit Szeké.

Robert Giraud had an opportunity to explain the organization of judicial expertise in France. On behalf of the EEEI, I made a presentation of the Institute’s activities aiming at a better convergence of judicial expertise systems across Europe. I also presented our recent activities for e-Justice, like the EGLE project, as well as our current projects : Find an expert and EUREXCRIM.

This conference was a “first” in Hungary for the Institute. Let us hope there will be others …

(Read more).

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Robert Ranquet







General Assembly 2017 - Annual report

By Jennifer Boirot, EEEI’s Comex Member

After Brussels, Paris and Rome, members of the European Expert Institute and Experts (EEEI) met in London at the annual General Assembly (GA) with the support of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI) on the 18th of May 2017, which illustrated the European character of its work.

This year was even more remarkable as after ten years efforts to improve the quality of judicial expertise and thus Justice in Europe the EEEI renewed its statutes and especially its management team : the President Jean-Raymond LEMAIRE left to the great regret of its members.

During the ordinary GA, the annual review of the Institute and the program for 2017 were explained.

The "Good Practice Guide" of judicial civil expertise, produced by the "EGLE" project, which was co-financed by the European Commission, is available online and was translated into 8 languages (FR-EN-ES-BG-IT-PT-DE-RO ). It has already been read 50,000 times and downloaded 15.000 times. With the assistance of the European Parliament, Éditions LARCIER launched the publication of a bilingual version (FR / EN) in October 2016.

The EEEI continues to expand its work in Europe within the European scene by adopting two large-scale projects, “Find an Expert”, which will be co-financed by the European Commission, and “EurexCrim”.

"Find an Expert" will start in September 2017. It aims to provide a first European directory of judicial experts which will be published on the European e-Justice portal. This will have a significant impact on all litigants and judicial actors who will be able to find a judicial expert of their choice working in the European Union by 2019.

"EurexCrim" aims to promote judicial cooperation by providing an inventory of the expertise proceedings both in criminal investigations and judicial processes in Europe. They are still looking for partners and financial support.

The "Training of Lawyers and Judges" project that was launched in cooperation with the "School of Professional Training of the Bar of the Court of Appeal of Paris" (EFB), finally aims to train lawyers in judicial expertise. Further developments will be envisaged in other countries and with judge schools.

The extraordinary GA certainly was the highlight of the day : amendments of the statutes which adapt them to the development of the Institute and its governance ; it culminated in the change of presidency.

(Read more)

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Jennifer Boirot







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