How access to the latest news of the site

By Martine Otter, executive committee member of EEEI

The EEEI website ( is regularly updated. If you want to be kept informed of new content online, you can subscribe to the RSS feed located on the home page.

EEEI offers you the opportunity to follow all the news published on the site via an RSS feed using software for reading RSS feeds or online compatible tools, directly in your browser or on your Website.


What is an RSS feed ?

RSS: Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary.
This is a thread of content in simplified XML format. This text file contains the latest article headlines, summaries and links to the full online articles.
By subscribing for free to this thread of content, you will automatically receive updates of our news.
To access and use an RSS feed, you need an Internet browser or a dedicated RSS feed reader software. If you have a Website, you can integrate these different streams on your site.


Access from your browser

By clicking on the small orange icon at the top right of the home screen you will get the following display under Firefox that will present you the list of the latest articles published in the language in which you are positioned :

The same with Internet Explorer :

Warning: the Microsoft EDGE browser, available under Windows 10, does not currently support RSS feeds and present them in XML format with no special formatting.

Access with a RSS reader

There is many specialized software to read RSS.
Copy the address of the 'News' EEEI stream in your favorite RSS reader so that it can automatically get the latest editions of the site.
Thus, you will be kept informed continuously of the latest published news.

Address of the feed "news":