Newsletter #28 - February 2017
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By Robert Paillot, Vice President EEEI in charge of communication

In this Newsletter, Jean-Raymond Lemaire, our President, gives an update on the two answers to calls for proposals that our Institute presented to the European Commission, DG Justice, on 11 January 2017. This is EureXcrim, judicial expertise in criminal matters, similar of what the Institute had done for the civilian, and Find an Expert, a draft directory of justice experts in the European Union (Read).

Gilles de Courcel reported on the expert witness conference he attended in London on 4 November 2016. We note, in particular, the growing importance of new technologies (digital and video) in the evolution of British procedures (Read).

The EEEI’s website is increasingly rich in information and accessed by Internet Users from all over the world. Martine Otter, in charge of this website, informs us how to be kept up-to-date with the news of the website thanks to the RSS feeds (Read).

This is an opportunity to ask you to help us to make the Institute better known, to facilitate its development and to increase its influence. Simply relay the information on the EEEI website (, in particular its objectives, publications and organization.

Finally, the General Assembly 2017 will be held on 18 May in downtown London. In the afternoon, those who wish shall can to visit the British Supreme Court with a guide. To register, please click here.

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Robert Paillot








EureXcrim and Find an Expert

By Jean-Raymond Lemaire, président EEEI

The EEEI submitted to the European Commission, DG Justice, on 11 January 2017, two answers to calls for proposals.

One about judicial expertise in criminal matters; EureXcrim (see below).

The other, Find an Expert, aims to initiate a directory of judicial experts in the European Union and tol be put online on the e-Justice website of the Council of the European Union. It should be noted that the Ministries of Justice of France and Portugal as well as the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) wished to be official partners of the EEEI on this project (see below).

You can access the main content of the answers to the calls for proposals on the EEEI website.

It should be noted that the e-justice website has put online the Guide to Good Practices for Judicial Expertise in the European Union published by the EEEI in the framework of the EGLE project. This is the first time, to our knowledge, that this European site opens its pages to judicial experts. This Guide is published in different EU languages.


As a reminder, managed by Jennifer Boirot and Nienke Mulder (NRGD), this project has two goals: to realize a sociography of the European experts involved in criminal proceedings (throw each stage of the judicial process, from preliminary investigation up to trial), and improve knowledge on judicial practices in this area, in each Members States of the European Union.

The aim of this project is to realize something similar to what the EEEI have already done concerning civil proceedings: inventory of proceedings and status of the experts; synthesis about similarities and differences in the statutes of experts and existing proceedings; proposals for consensus; workshops and public debate (European conference), and, in a close future, a Guide of good practices in expertise for criminal Justice. If the EEEI carries out EurexCrim the results and the benefits will benefit all the Member States by encouraging exchanges on expertise in criminal Justice, the issues of their use during the criminal process and on the current place of Expertise in the judicial world.

Find an Expert

As a reminder, this project is managed by Béatrice Deshayes and Thomas Walford; the goal of "Find an Expert" is the creation of a European search tool exclusively for judicial experts or equivalent with the implementation of a process similar to "find a lawyer”, “find a legal translator or interpreter” and “find a notary" already present on the e-justice website. This tool will enable to search an expert on the lists which are already existent in the different Member States. Above this, an information sheet will be created for each Member State.

When the project was prepared, the Ministries of Justice of France and  Portugal as well as the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) have expressed their wish to become partners and commited to participate if EEEI gets funding from the European Commission.

Today, out of the 28 countries of the EU, 18 have lists of experts in various ways and nomenclatures. If the EEEI carries out "Find an Expert", this project will become an example and will likely encourage other countries to draw up lists of judicial experts and to regularly update the information published on the e-justice website.

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Jean-Raymond lemaire







22nd Annual Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference

By Gilles de Courcel

EEEI’s Member and Ricol Lasteyrie Founding partner – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

The 22nd Annual Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference was held on Friday, the 4th November 2016, at the Church House Conference Centre, London.

Around three hundred (300) expert witnesses have participated to this remarkably organized Conference, both through its logistics and tthe diversity of the speakers (Programme).

We can highlight the diversity of specialities from the different attendees, with a particularly strong presence of experts from the medical community surgeons, dentists, neurologists, cardiologists, midwives, …

The keynote address was delivered by Sir Adrian Fulford, Lord of Justice, in his capacity,of Judge in charge of Technology.

Information Technologies (IT) play a key role in the reflections and actions of the British Justice. It is a huge stake since the ongoing Court Reform Programme - under Sir Fulford responsibility - aims to bring the British Justice in the world of the 21th Century ... (read more).

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Gilles de Courcel








How access to the latest news of the site

By Martine Otter, executive committee member of EEEI

The EEEI website ( is regularly updated. If you want to be kept informed of new content online, you can subscribe to the RSS feed located on the home page.

EEEI offers you the opportunity to follow all the news published on the site via an RSS feed using software for reading RSS feeds or online compatible tools, directly in your browser or on your Website.

What is an RSS feed ?

RSS: Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary.

This is a thread of content in simplified XML format. This text file contains the latest article headlines, summaries and links to the full online articles.

By subscribing for free to this thread of content, you will automatically receive updates of our news ... (read more).

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Martine Otter








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