Reports of visits at the Supreme Court of Rome, the Appeal Courts of Venice and Rome, the General Prosecutors of Venice and Rome and to the Bar of Venice on 26 and 27 April 2016


By Julie Mitton, member of EEEI


The President of EEEI, Jean-Raymond Lemaire accompanied by Julie Mitton (translator – interpreter, expert at the Appeal Court of Lyon) travelled to Venice and Rome to make contact with the new magistrates and introduce them to the Institute's work and projects and to strengthen relations with these EEEI senior judges.




We met Maître Tommaso Bortoluzzi, Vice-President of the Bar of Venice, its President, Mr. Paolo Maria Chersevani, being prevented. Membership of the Bar of Venice was signed in March 2012 by former President of the College Maître Daniele Grasso. President Lemaire made a history of the Institute and its relationship with the Bar of Venice, stating that the 2015 and 2016 contributions had not been paid and asking that two contacts are designated to act as a relay between the Institute and the Law Society. President Bortoluzzi committed to deliver the message at the weekly meeting of the Bureau. To date we have no news even a relaunch made during the month of May.


We were hosted by the General Prosecutor, Mr. Antonino Condorelli. We recalled that when the Venice Court of Appeal in 2011 became a member of EEEI, Venice was the first Italian institutional member to join EEEI. The General Prosecutor, at the time, had refused to join the EEEI. Very cordial exchanges were established with the magistrate very interested by the work and projects of the Institute. At his side was Madam Deputy General Prosecutor who seemed a little reluctant. But a few days after our visit we received the application for membership of the General Prosecutor.


Our little delegation of two was enriched as we were joined by the Acting President, now honorary, Vittorio Rossi. Since our first visit to Venice in 2011, he has always been very active and interested in the work of the EEEI. He participated in the presentation of EEEI to the new First President, Antonino MAZZEO RINALDI who holds office for a year. Here again were exposed EGLE & EUDEX projects. This first contact with the First President, absolutely committed to the cause of the Institute, was excellent and ended with a lunch together.

We left Venice on April 26 in the late afternoon for Rome, where was provided a very dense morning with 4 appointments in different places.



Court of Cassation

  • Mr. President Canzio was represented by the Secretary General, Mr. Mammone who received us for over an hour. Was present at the interview, Ms. Ranucci, translator. We made each other feedback on the Conference of 29 May 2015 and its success..

Mr. Mammone noted, rightly, that the Court of Cassation was not directly impacted by the problematic of experts. However, he showed a genuine interest in and EGLE EUREXPERTISE He wanted to know their future. He then suggested to contact politicians to support the EEEI initiatives. After what the President Lemaire explained that our intervention is made at European level and not at the state level.

To answer our mention of the absence of Italian experts in our work, the Secretary General of the Court proposed to put us in contact with major structured institutional orders and assuming specific training in the field of forensics.

The planned work on the criminal expertise was also discussed with mention f the name of Lorenzo Salazar, Prosecutor in Naples, name positively welcomed by our interlocutor.

Then he proposed to get us in touch with the Naples Court of Appeal, so that the south of Italy is represented: what we accepted due to non-response to our requests, of the Court of appeal of Palermo.

  • Prosecutor Pasquale Ciccolo was represented by the Deputy Prosecutor Vincenzo Geraci. Present were Mr. Baldi, head of international relations and Giusi, interpreter.

Mr. Geraci explained at length the state of expertise in Italy: the need to improve the recruitment, training of experts, quality appraisals. But he also emphasized the role of counsel that the expert.

He also discussed the reform of criminal procedure, the removal of the judge.

President Lemaire developed the project EUDEX.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Baldi said he will send us the email address of the international service so we can relay their information about the EEEI.


Due to the change of location, our meeting with the First President of the Court of Appeal Mr. Luciano Panzani, began with some delay. Mr. Panzani is the successor since 2013 of the President Giorgio Santacroce became President of the Court of Cassation. This judge speaks French, a language he seems very happy to use. Was present at the meeting, Ms. Noemi Di Segni, representative of the Association of Chartered Accountants.

Mr. President advises us to meet with Vice President of the Italian CSM and the Ministry of Justice. To which the President answered Lemaire will not be opposed, on condition that be accompanied by Italian representatives including representatives of various associations of experts.

Has followed a long debate with Ms Di Segni on the representativeness of European EEEI.

Mr. President Panzani deplored not being able to accept the invitation to the AGM of 27 May 2016. By cons, it is likely to travel to the meeting of the Court of Den Bosch to prepare a Conference of Presidents of Appeal Courts in Europe.

On the other hand, it has to come to Paris in October, 2016; a meeting may be considered. It teaches us a very confirmed Italian judge recently appointed liaison magistrate in Paris.

This is a point to follow.



The President Lemaire addressed the important issues such as: EGLE, stressing the need to sensitize European bodies, authorities and experts; EUDEX and finally Expertise in criminal justice with themes relating thereto (creating a group, inventory of work carried out, procedures in Europe, quality assurance, exchange of good practices, the interconnection of databases ...).

He wishes to work with us, but would like to have more information on our work, on the workload that this collaboration would represent on questions that could be asked ...).

Prosecutor Salvi accepted gladly pose for a photo with President Lemaire.


These two days in Italy enabled the adhesion of a new member, the General Prosecutor of Venice and strengthen our links with institutions already members.