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By Robert Paillot, Vice President EEEI in charge of communication

In this Letter, our President, Jean-Raymond Lemaire, reports his meetings on 17 and 18 March in Brussels. He was accompanied, for some of them, by the vice-president Claude Duvernoy and by Robert Ranquet, advisor to the Institute for Relations with the European Union. The delegation of the Institute met with officials of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (Read), DG GROW (Read) and DG JUST (Read) of the European Commission, and the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) (Read). In short, these meetings in Brussels allowed EEEI to make itself better known by EU officials, and gain support for its future projects.

Benoit de Clerck, executive committee member of EEEI, gives an update on the TREEE training project, declared ineligible, by the state, by DG Justice (Read). He also reports the exchanges that took place between representatives of the Institute and the French National School of Magistrates (ENM - Paris), on the one hand (Read), and the European Chamber of Judicial Officers (CEHJ), on the other hand (Read).

Philippe Jacquemin, Vice President EEEI, informs us about the forthcoming publication of a printed and expanded edition of the Guide to Good Practice in civil judicial expertise (Read).

Lastly we remind you that the next annual general meeting of the Institute will be held Friday, May 27, 2016 at 14:00 at the Court of Cassation - 5 Quai de l'Horloge - 75001 PARIS. The program and registration form can be accessed via the links you find below (Read).

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Robert Paillot








European Parliament. Meeting with representatives of the Legal Affairs Committee

By Jean-Raymond Lemaire, président EEEI

The delegation of our Institute met Robert Bray, Head of Unit Secretariat of the Committee on Legal Affairs; Roberta Panizza, Parliamentary Research administrator and Alexander Keys, Administrator, Secretariat of the Committee on Legal Affairs.

Robert Bray and his team showed great interest in the EGLE project. He is also interested in connecting with Eastern Europe countries, especially Poland. He spontaneously offered to have a social event at the Parliament for the launch of the EGLE book when published by Editions Bruylant (possible date : 12 October evening).

About the EUDEX project, Robert Bray's unit is working on a project on minimum standards for civil expertise, with which it could be interesting to make a connection.

Robert Bray suggests that EEEI could be invited to a next workshop.
Jean-Raymond Lemaire talked about our approach to criminal expertise and Robert Bray showed interest in this project.

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Jean-Raymond Lemaire

Robert Bray







European Commission. Meeting with representatives of DG GROW (Directorate General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs)

By Jean-Raymond Lemaire, président EEEI

The delegation of our Institute met Mr Konstantinos Tomaras, Deputy Head of Unit Competencies and skills and Mrs. Atanaska Koleva, Legal officer.

As a reminder, Atanaska Koleva was the commission person who expressed some criticism when first exposed to the issue of lists for the Eudex project. She has definitively changed her approach, and she is now very open to EEEI initiatives. Mrs. Koleva expressed very positive appreciation for the EGLE guide.

On the issue of admission criteria for the EUDEX project, she insisted on the essential role of EEEI to explain and convince, since the Commission has no power to impose anything to the nations.

She offered to introduce us to her colleagues in DG concurrence.

She also expressed interest in our role for encouraging experts to better organize themselves. Again, this is not a role for the Commission.

Finally, she expressed major interest in the issue of freedom of engaging in professional occupations.


Robert Ranquet, advisor for relations with EEEI and the European Union and Claude Duvernois, vice president of EEEI,
before a section of the Berlin Wall (President Kennedy) offered by Germany and shown on the esplanade of the European Commission

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Konstantinos Tomaras

Atanaska Koleva








European Commission. Meeting with Mrs. Isabelle Perignon

By Jean-Raymond Lemaire, président EEEI

The delegation of our Institute met Mrs. Isabelle Perignon, member of Cabinet of European Commissioner Věra Jourová in charge of Justice, consumers and gender equality.

EGLE Project: Isabelle Pérignon will ask DG Justice to post the guide on their website.

EUDEX Project: Jean-Raymond Lemaire insisted that, at some point in time, we will need political guidance on the referential and criterias. Isabelle Pérignon offered to give contacts in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Luxembourg.

Mrs. Pérignon expressed a strong interest on our project on criminal justice, and asked us to keep her informed of the European survey results.

Jean-Raymond Lemaire mentioned also the recent thesis on psychiatric expertise, which had the support of EEEI. To end with, Jean-Raymond Lemaire offered to Mrs. Pérignon to send Commission representatives to talk to the CNCEJ conference in Strasbourg.

Isabelle Pérignon proposed to have a foreword for the EGLE book signed by commissioner Věra Jourová.

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Isabelle Pérignon








Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)

By Jean-Raymond Lemaire, président EEEI

The delegation of our Institute met with M.M. Michel Benichou, President, and Philip Buisseret, Secretary General.

Jean-Raymond Lemaire was invited to make a presentation to the Standing Committee of CCBE, for about 80 participants. CCBE President Monsieur Bénichou closed the intervention by declaring his interest in future cooperation between EEEI and CCBE, notably for the Eudex project.

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Michel Benichou








TREEE: A project for an european unified training for experts

By Benoit de Clerck, executive committee member of EEEI

By end November of 2015, EEEI submitted a project named TREEE - Training EUropean Experts (to quality in judicial) Expertise - in response to a request for proposals (RFP) of DG Justice. End of March 2016, were published the RFP results, in which EEEI proposal was listed under ineligible proposals.

EEEI then sent request for clarification to DG Justice. They highlighted two criteria for eligibility: projects have to be submitted by more than one partner; partners listed as 'associated partners' are not counted. In the future we shall avoid this kind of formal error through closer study of tender rules.

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French National School of Magistrates
(ENM - Paris)

By Benoit de Clerck, executive committee member of EEEI

Jean-Raymond Lemaire, Alain Nuée and Benoit de Clerck were received at the ENM, on March 30th, by M.M. B. Chamouard and P. Gand, respectively Head and Deputy Head of the International Department.

Both parties shared their experiences in European co-funded projects.

The mandate would allow ENM to be partner of a project including a judge-training component.

The EEEI will benefit from the introduction of ENM in the European Judicial Training Network and of ENM’s 'European watch' tool. It was also adopted the principle for periodic meetings.

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ENM - Paris








European Chamber of Judicial Officers (ECJO)

By Benoit de Clerck, executive committee member of EEEI

On April 8th, M. G. GUILLAUME welcomed several participants from EEEI on behalf of the ECJO. The purpose of the meeting was the demonstration of the new e-learning platform (EJL) devoted to training 35 000 European Judicial Officers (bailiffs) about new European judicial instruments.

This web-based platform ( was developed by ECJO during a European Commission co-funded project, which took place over 2012-2014 term. The budget of the development was in excess of 500 k€.

Other projects were also discussed, as well as joint implementation of e-learning opportunities to expand the dissemination of EGLE guide.

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Benoit de Clerck








Publication of the guide to good practices in civil judicial expertise in the European Union by Bruylant Editions, Larcier Group

By Philippe Jacquemin, Vice President EEEI

For the record EEEI has already collaborated in 2014 with Bruylant Editions for the publication of the collective work of EEEI under the direction of Patricia Grandjean 'Expertise of Justice - What future in Europe.'

Bruylant Editions teams again with EEEI to propose by October 2016 an original edition of the guide enriched by prominent personalities from the European judiciary community such as:
             - Madam Věra Jourová - Commissioner - Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality - European Commission,
             - Mister Santacroce, Honorary First President of the Italian Court of cassation,
             - Mister Nuée, Honorary First President of the Appeal Court of Versailles,
             - Mister François Paychère, President of the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL, judge at the Swiss audit court.

Six other authors bring to each of the six chapters of the guide, namely:

--> Terms for a request for judicial expertise

--> Appointment of the expert 

--> Proceedings of expertise

--> Expertise report

--> Remuneration of the expert

--> Expert status

   Sir Anthony Hooper, Chairman of Expert Witness institute (EWI), UK
   Me Katharina Bleutge, IFS (Institut für Sachverständigenwesen), Germany
   Pr Gilles CUNIBERTI, Professor of Law, University of Luxembourg

   Dr Manfred KAUFMANN, President of a Chamber of the Court of first instance of Bonn, Germany
   Mr. Lyubomir GERDZHIKOV,
SEFITA Expert, Bulgaria

   Mr. Lubos DÖRFL,
First president of the appeal court of Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic

a critical lighting and a prospective vision on the deployment of the recommendations made by the jury.

A meeting should be organized to present the book at the European Parliament during the session of October, 2016.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the project and the terms of acquisition of this book.

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Philippe Jacquemin








Reminder : Annual General Meeting of the IEEE, Friday, May 27, 2016 - 14:00 in Paris

As announced in our previous letter, detailed program and registration materials are available via the link below:

If you have any question :

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Court of Cassation
First Chamber








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