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By Robert Paillot, Vice President EEEI in charge of communication

Our Institute has just published the "Guide to good practice of civil judicial expertise in the European Union" which follows the work done during the project EGLE (our previous letters). You can download it below. Read

After this first realization, the EEEI is candidate for two new calls for tender launched by the European Union with the participation or encouragement of the European Commission, DG Justice. The first, TREEE, the training of experts. The second, EUDEX, aims at to realize a European directory of experts which will be accessible on the website of E-Justice. You can read below a description of these projects and we will certainly talk to you again. Read

Continuing its European meetings, the Institute took part in the International Symposium held in Prague, organized among others by the Chamber of forensic experts from the Czech Republic, which is an EEEI partner. Many institutional or individual participants expressed their will to join the EEEI. Read

Social networks are essential, the EEEI has created "@EEEI_experts". We hope many of you will follow us on this channel and relay our tweets. Read

Finally we are proud to inform you that Jennifer Boirot, a PhD searcher supported by the EEEI, both financially and in helping her to find contacts in the 5 European countries she studied in her thesis, obtained the mention "honorable avec les félicitations unanimes du Jury". You can download a summary of her thesis at the end of the article below, pending the publication of it in the course of this year. Read

Good reading

Robert Paillot








Publication of the Guide to Good Practice - EGLE

By Philippe Jacquemin, Vice President EEEI

The "Guide to good practice of civil judicial expertise in the European Union", final result of the EGLE project was published both in French and English, in November 2015.

Its elaboration gathered four Working Groups composed of around fifty contributors (judges, lawyers, experts and academics) from 12 countries. More than 25 meetings have been held in different countries to develop consensus recommendations.

A managing committee directed and supported the work of these four groups, and a text analysis Group drafted a synthesis of the main work done.

All these results were submitted to adversarial public debate during the plenary conference held on May 29th, 2015 in the Great Hall of the Italian Court of Cassation in Rome.

Finally, a Jury of nine personalities from 8 different countries met together to discuss and write the final version of the Guide, based on the discussions and the preparatory work.

—> Full article

—> Download "Guide to good practice"

Philippe Jacquemin








Application from EEEI to a call for tender in the field of training with the project TREEE

By Benoit de Clerck, executive committee member of EEEI

DG Justice of the European Commission published in early September a call for tender in the field of training of members of the judicial world. The EEEI applied by submitting a project, called TREEE, which looks like this :

The EEEI proposes to implement, in the different member states of the European Union, a common training program on judicial expertise for all stakeholders of the judicial proceedings : Judges, Lawyers, experts ...

The quality and recognition of expertise in the judicial proceedings require that experts be trained to the specific procedural rules and ethical requirements. This applies to civil, criminal and administrative expertise.

The aim is not only to define "standard training programs" designed for "experts" (and also for other actors of expertise, such as judges and lawyers), but also and especially to give conscience to all judicial actors of the need for such training and the fact that it has real effects on the quality of justice and the confidence of litigants.









The number of direct participants in the project (working groups + regional meetings) will be 200-250 people and institutions.
The design of this project, which cycle lays over 3 years, is as follows:


The TREEE project will need a first working group to perform the inventory;
then three European working groups to define the thematic content;
and five regional conferences distributed in the European area composed of Judges, Lawyers, Parties, Academics, experts, national authorities ...





The answer of DG Justice on this project is expected during the first quarter of 2016.



Benoit de Clerck







  The EUDEX project (EUropean Directory of EXperts)

By Jean-Raymond LEMAIRE, Président EEEI

On request of the European Union E-justice Group, which manages the eponymous website, and with the encouragement of the European Commission, the EEEI COMEX has decided to respond to an EC tender and to propose the creation of a European directory of experts. The proposal was submitted on January 5th, 2016.
A group of a dozen participants (UK, GE, ND, FR, RO, SP, IT ...) worked on the implementation of the proposal.

The project, in its initial phase, would last two years, from mid-2016 to mid-2018. At the end of this period, an first version of the Directory will be published on the E-Justice website.
The EEEI offers the EC and the EU to keep the management of the directory for 3-years, from mid-2018 to mid-2021, to finalize its ramp-up. If the EC and the EU agree to this, further decisions will then have to be taken to efficiently manage this directory.

At a first stage the directory could include 10,000 experts, reaching a target of 50,000 experts from across the European Union in the medium term.

The short-term project is built on the following five workstreams :

  1. Project Management; organizational, political and financial topics.
  2. Rules and standards; who can be placed on the directory ?
    Functioning of the directory
  3. Implementation of the IT database, interfaces with E-Justice, with associations of experts.
  4. Managing data in the directory.
  5. Extensive communication throughout Europe to inform the authorities, magistrates, lawyers and experts of this project and that experts can apply to be on the directory.

We believe that the EC and the EU will give a reply on the proposal in April or May 2016 and we hope that this response will be positive.

To be continued in the next newsletter.


Jean-Raymond LEMAIRE








Expert witnesses and evidence in arbitration and ADR

By Philippe Jacquemin, Vice Président EEEI

Gérard Wuisman and Philippe Jacquemin attended on November 27th, 2015 the International Symposium "Expert Witnesses and evidence in arbitration and ADR" organized in Prague by the Chamber of forensic construction experts of Russia and the Chamber of judicial experts from the Czech Republic, of which EEEI is partner.

The various presentations, extremely diverse, from the corrosion of zinc roofs to the practical arrangements to implement alternative measures for dispute resolution, through the various 'Statute' of the experts, were mostly in Russian or Czech language and translated into English.

During this event, Philippe Jacquemin presented the EEEI, its history, its organization, its work and its perspectives and Gerard Wuisman detailed the project EGLE and its results: the guide to good practice of civil expertise in Europe.

Several contacts were made and discussions are ongoing. Among them, in particular, the Association of Bard, the Chamber of court experts of the Czech Republic, the Barreau of Prague and some experts, as individual members, have expressed willingness to join the EEEI.

Finally, with the friendly support of Vladimir Stibornik, the day ended with the excellent news of the new membership of the Court of Appeal of Usti nad Labem in Bohemia co-signed by the first President Lubos Dörfl and Philippe Jacquemin, Vice -President of EEEI. This Court of Appeal joins the Court of Appeal of Prague, member of EEEI since 2011, to represent the judges and the Justice of the Czech Republic.

Gérard Wuisman








Twitter, a mandatory and necessary vector for EEEI

By Rafael Orellana De Castro, executive committee member of the EEEI

The broadcasting of information has changed in recent years. Now it is immediately when it happens and news is read in real time, ipso facto.

The EEEI, in the aim of advancing to the rhythm of the century and new technology, wishes to promote its Twitter channel "@EEEI_experts", which will help to disseminate its information, each time more numerous and interesting.

We want our account be followed by all those who are involved in the Institute, and by those who want to receive news related to justice experts, expertise, and with determination to harmonize this important legal actor within Europe.

Go ahead, join the EEEI on twitter!



Rafael Orellana De Castro









By Jean-Raymond Lemaire, President EEEI

On December 11th, 2015, Jennifer Boirot, PhD student in Political Science at the University of Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, successfully defended her thesis , "PSYCHIATRIC EXPERTS AND SEXUAL CRIMES IN EUROPE: from judicial scene to public action. Comparative study: England, Spain, Romania, Sweden and France" obtaining the "mention honorable, avec les félicitations unanimes du jury".

The EEEI financed and supported Jennifer since 2010. The first contacts with the University, her PhD supervisor Xavier Crettiez and Jennifer date back to 2009. It was during these discussions that the subject was defined and in particular that the comparative study between 5 countries of the European Union was decided.
The funding allocated by the EEEI amounted to 45.000 €.

The EEEI, via its members helped Jennifer to find people to help her in all countries included in this work; judges, lawyers, experts and academics.

Through this participation, EEEI wants to show that harmonization of judicial proceedings of the civil and criminal expertise in Europe is necessary but not sufficient. It is necessary to compare the "good practices" in the various businesses and countries to bring out the best. It is also a mission that the EEEI has set for itself.

This thesis will be published in French, and perhaps in English, later in the year.


—> See the summary of the thesis of Jennifer Boirot


Jennifer Boirot and the members of the jury

Jennifer Boirot








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