Publication of the Guide to Good Practice - EGLE

By Philippe Jacquemin, Vice President of EEEI

The "Guide to good practice of civil judicial expertise in the European Union", final result of the EGLE project was published both in French and English, in November 2015.

Its elaboration gathered four Working Groups composed of around fifty contributors (judges, lawyers, experts and academics) from 12 countries. More than 25 meetings have been held in different countries to develop consensus recommendations.

A managing committee directed and supported the work of these four groups, and a text analysis Group drafted a synthesis of the main work done.

All these results were submitted to adversarial public debate during the plenary conference held on May 29th, 2015 in the Great Hall of the Italian Court of Cassation in Rome.

Finally, a Jury of nine personalities from 8 different countries met together to discuss and write the final version of the Guide, based on the discussions and the preparatory work.

The publication of this document does not mean the end of EGLE project. Indeed, its widespread dissemination across Europe is needed to allow the actors of civil litigation to adopt and progressively implement its recommendations, including ethical elements proposed in the annex.

This release is currently disseminating through multiple channels:

  • e-mailings in 8 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch) with a short presentation and a download link
  • social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, Twitter, Google Plus ...)
  • e-mailings from contributors who accepted to spread the guide themselves with their own contact book
  • Publication of a download link on sites of institutions or associations:
  . CEPEJ European Commission for the efficiency of Justice
  . Website E.justice Implementation in progress
  . RECJ European network of Justice advisors
  . EEEI European Expertise & Expert Institute
  . EWI UK
  . LRGD Netherlands
  . NRGD  Netherlands
  . La grande bibliothèque du droit-Barreau de Paris France
  . CEEMF  (Collège Européen des Experts Maritimes et Fluviaux) France
  . CEJL     (Cie des Experts de Justice de Lyon) France

To date, these various channels allow to estimate the dissemination of this guide to more than 10 000 copies downloaded.

The first reactions collected are very positive.

Finally, an enhanced version with comments from personalities of the world of justice in Europe is in progress. It will be published by Editions Bruylant at the end of the first half of 2016, thus ensuring a significant additional disissemination to professionals.

—> Download "Guide to good practice"